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Narcissa Daffodil Ti Simmons is the Queen of Gondra, Wife to king Malicus Simmons, mother of Leila, Draco, and Clarissa Simmons. She is a Dragon Witch, but she also has recent Witch ancestry, which allows her to use wands. Her three children also use wands, but her eldest, Leila, is not very good at it.


Early Life

Not much is known about her early life, except during her late teens and early twenties.

Unicorn Wars

The Unicorn Wars took place between Narcissa's late teens and early twenties. This is probably the reason why she rides her unicorn more than Pearl.

The Lost Princess

Physical appearance

Narcissa is tall, about the same height as her eldest- unless in heels- Leila. She has brown hair and blue eyes.

Personality and traits

Magical abilities and skills

Wand magic

Narcissa is of Witch descent, which means that she is able to use Witch's wands and ride broomsticks, as is her children.

Dragon abilities

Narcissa has the ability to manipulate ice, just like her bond dragon, Pearl.


Malicus Simmons

Malicus Simmons is her loving husband, and distant cousin by marriage.

Leila Simmons

Leila Simmons is one of Narcissa's headstrong daughter's, and the eldest of all three children. When Leila was taken, Narcissa went into a stage of depression that lasted for over seven years. It got so bad, Malicus had to take her place in ruling Gondra at one point. Despite being apart for twelve years, Leila and Narcissa have a very strong bond with each other.

Dracen Simmons

Dracen Simmons is Narcissa's only son, and middle child of the three children. He was what brought Narcissa out of her depression stage.

Clarissa Simmons

Clarissa is the other daughter of Narcissa and the youngest of all three siblings. She is about as headstrong as her sister, and is very curious. She doesn't know about the Demonslayers, and it's getting very hard for


The name Narcissa is derived from Narcissus, a beautiful but vain character in Greek mythology from which the term narcissism, which refers to vanity and elitism, is derived. The name can also be derived from the flower by the same name, also known as daffodil. The name of the plant may also be derived from the Greek word narkoa, "to numb", referring to its narcotic properties.

In this case it is referring to the flower, as she mentions that her name is the meaning of her middle name.

Behind the scenes

  • The inspiration behind this character is from the Harry Potter series, Narcissa Malfoy. I also remembered a quote from Star Wars about Shaak Ti where they mention: "Pretty as a flower, yet deadly as a viper." This quote in a way represents Narcissa's personality; Ti is also Narcissa's maiden name before she married Malicus.
  • Her appearance is based off the English actress, and coincidentally, the Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, Helen McCrory.


Dragon Witch: Awakening

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